About the IT Times


Mission and Scope
The IT Times, a print newspaper, is published by the Office of the Vice Provost for Information and Educational Technology, University of California, Davis, to inform faculty and staff about the following:
  • information and educational technology services, initiatives, projects, and activities at UC Davis. Articles cover both the UC Davis Information and Educational Technology organization (IET) and information technology applications in teaching, research, and business environments outside of IET.

  • broader information and educational technology trends, hardware and software issues, and their impacts on users in a higher education setting.

The IT Times is a service provided by the Office of the Vice Provost-Information and Educational Technology to the campus. As such, its scope is broad, drawing information from every department within the Vice Provost's Office, campus units, and information technology sources off campus, as well. Therefore, wide collaboration among UC Davis staff (in and out of IET) is essential for identifying, writing, and reviewing stories for this publication.

The IT Times is intended for UC Davis faculty and staff. Within this group, we narrow our focus to speak to the needs and interests of the "average computer user," defined here as someone who regularly uses a computer at UC Davis but is not an information technology professional.

The IT Times is not intended to provide technical information to computing experts on campus, nor is it targeted to IET staff. It is our hope that IET staff and technical folks on campus will read this publication and disseminate all relevant information to the individuals to whom they provide technical support.

Frequency and Distribution
The IT Times is published once every two months, and it is distributed in three different ways:
  • Print: Initiated in 1992, the paper version is free to campus departments, staff, faculty, and students. With a circulation of approximately 13,000, it is a well-established and recognized publication, both on and off campus. For Information on how to receive the print newsletter send an email to ietpubs@ucdavis.edu.

  • Web: The IT Times Web site has joined forces with the IET TechNews site. Beginning in 2004, any story you read in the print IT Times newsletter can be found online at the TechNews site. To read IT Times stories published from 1993 -2003, visit the IT Times archive.

  • Email: To have the top technology headlines delivered to your inbox in a weekly email message, subscribe to TechNews by visiting http://technews.ucdavis.edu/subscribe.cfm.

IT Times Team
The IT Times team is composed of content providers, writers, editors, reviewers, and a Webmaster/Desktop Publisher.

Every IT and campus member is invited to serve as a contributor and/or reviewer for the IT Times. Regular contributors represent a wide array of IET services--campuswide planning and policy, lab management, IT Express, human resources, communications resources, computing services, instructional and digital media center, and various other units.

We also seek contributors from outside of IET, particularly

  • departmental managers and Technical Support Coordinators, who are in regular contact with faculty and staff and know what their computer-related needs are, and
  • faculty and staff who would like to share their expertise and experience as users of information technology.


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