A Nature Poet Enters the Digital World
Gary Snyder's Poems and Feathers Archived Online

In this Back to School issue of the IT Times, we visit the Shields Library Special Collections to get a closer look at the collection of letters, manuscripts and eclectic artifacts of Pulitzer-Prize winning poet and former UC Davis faculty member Gary Snyder. Librarians have worked all summer preparing an online catalog of the Gary Snyder Papers, which is sure to attract Snyder scholars and fans alike. This summer, we also witnessed the ongoing battle between individual file swappers and the big entertainment industries who are suing them. In this issue, we offer some updates on this growing problem, including details about the UCís response to the matter. If you read Ghandiís Way, along with the rest of the campus this summer (as part of the the Campus Community Book Project), find out why you should check out their Web site this fall. As usual, campus technologists were busy this summer preparing a host of innovative technology tools and computer security developments. Read on to learn more.

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