MyUCDavis is Here to Stay
by Julie Adcox
Conceived more than two years ago, MyUCDavis (the campus Web portal) is expected to join a short list of mission critical campus computing systems. More than a simple Web site, MyUCDavis brings together all the services that faculty and students frequently use. Perhaps most helpful to faculty are the simple, integrated course management features. With access to fill-in-the-blank templates, there is no need to learn HTML or other Web tools to get a great course Web page up and running.

The site's popularity continues to grow, with more than 11,000 unique users so far, and 140 course Web sites already created through MyUCDavis.

What is MyUCDavis?
MyUCDavis is an easy-to-use Web portal that provides immediate access to a wide range of existing online services to campus faculty, staff, and students. With just their UCD LoginID and Kerberos password, MyUCDavis users have access to course management tools, BANNER (student information system), email, library services, local and world news, and science and technology news, a personal planner, and even the ESPN sports ticker.

Course Management Tools
MyUCDavis' course management tools include fill-in-the-blank templates, making course Web pages easier than ever to create and maintain—no HTML experience necessary. On course Web sites, instructors can post syllabi and study guides, create class chat rooms and class mailing lists, and provide links to existing course pages or other student resources. When students are enrolled in their courses, their MyUCDavis front page provides direct links to each of those course Web sites, giving students instant access to information instructors may post.

Course Management Access
Instructors and their proxies have immediate control over the course Web site, so course materials are easily added to the site and timely updates can be made as needed.

Tools on the Horizon
MySpace provides 55 mb of secure file storage space which allows users to share files and set security level preferences. Other course management enhancements being considered:
  • an online grade book allowing instructors to select assignment categories and weighting, letter or point grading, and grade distribution parameters.
  • a self quiz/test builder that aids instructors in creating multiple types of quizzes and tests and allows instructors to select from a variety of availability and scoring options.

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