I.T. Times
Volume 2. No 3 Information Technology News of the University of California, Davis Spring 1994

Banner Days for Banner

by Sandra M. Stewart, Information Resources

Want the good news early?!

That's right! Now UC Davis students can call RSVP* and hear their grades right over the phone! During the past six months, Information Resources has concluded the installation of the Banner Student Information System (SIS), and one of the capabilities we have given it is the ability to read student grades and grade point averages over the telephone using RSVP.

But that's not all. Information Resources (IR) has also made it possible for the Registrar's Office to use SCANTRON to scan student grades directly into the SIS Banner database instead of the old way of keying in grades for 22,000+ students. According to Associate Registrar Bob Strobel, IR's introduction of scanning into grades processing has been a great success. "I recommend electronic scanning of data to anyone with a similar need. This kind of processing has worked well for us."

Over 100 new processes and screens ("forms") have been installed during the last six months as part of Phase II of the installation of the SIS Banner system. Many of these processes help the Planning and Budget Office provide student enrollment statistics to the UC Office of the President. Forms also exist for tasks in Accounts Receivable, Admissions, Financial Aid, Graduate Studies, Deans' Offices, Veterinary Medicine, and the Registrar's Office. Among Registrar offerings are five query forms that people can use to display course information, section information, and student information.

Key individuals who worked on the Banner installation project and continue to give consultant and programming support include Debbie Lauriano, Sandra Stewart, Cindy Aubrey, Elizabeth Bullock, Kenneth Komoto, Steve Osterday, Jamila Sahakian, Virginia Slocum, David Squire, Brian Sher, and Randi Thompson.

*RSVP (Register Students Via Phone) is managed by the Office of the Registrar. For more information about RSVP, see "Touch-Tone Registration in Effect" in the Spring 1993 IT Times (Vol. 1, No. 5, p. 6).