I.T. Times
Volume 2. No 3 Information Technology News of the University of California, Davis Spring 1994

TULIP Project Blossoms

In February 1994, the General Library, in conjunction with Information Technology, launched the TULIP project.

Formally known as The University Licensing Program, TULIP provides network access to bitmapped images of approximately 40 journals in the field of materials science. TULIP is designed to work with any device that supports the X windows protocol for display. You may view TULIP images from UNIX workstations, IBM compatible machines, Macintoshes, and X-terminals as long as you have access to an X- server.

TULIP journals may be accessed by entering MELVYL's INSPEC or Current Contents database. All users must have a personal TULIP password which may be obtained by contacting Carol LaRussa at the Physical Sciences Library: 752-0519 or cjlarussa@ucdavs.edu. You will receive detailed information about TULIP with your password.

"There has been an initial flurry of interest in TULIP," says Beverlee French, assistant university librarian and campus TULIP liaison. "Over 50 TULIP passwords have been assigned since February, and we expect that number to grow."

Currently in its testing phase, TULIP is a cooperative research effort between Elsevier Science Publishers and several universities. All nine University of California campuses are participating in the project which is expected to last three years.

"Because we are anxious to learn from this experiment, we welcome comments and suggestions from TULIP users," says French, who may be contacted by e-mail (bafrench@ucdavis.edu) or telephone (752-2110).