I.T. Times
Volume 3. No 1 Information Technology News of the University of California, Davis Fall 1994

BANNER Upgrades Will Increase System Security

by Libby Bullock, Information Resources

Two new features are on the horizon for campus BANNER@ users:

The new version of the BANNER@ system software is expected to be in place in late November or early December, as soon as all testing is completed. The changes you experience in using BANNER will depend on how you access the program. Query-screen users will notice a few differences in the appearance of the screens. Other users will experience changes in two or three function keys. To some users the changes will be transparent.

The new password security system, Enigma Logic Safeword@, is being installed to improve BANNER's password security. This additional security is necessary to ensure that the student data in BANNER@ is protected from unauthorized access. Users will login to Banner using an Enigma Logic token that generates a unique password for each login.

For further information contact Libby Bullock at 757-8736 or send e-mail to edbullock@ucdavis.edu.