I.T. Times
Volume 3. No 1 Information Technology News of the University of California, Davis Fall 1994

The Insider

Dealing with events and issues facing the Division of Information Technology today, The Insider introduces the I.T. Directors and the changes they face.

Directors Discuss Changes We Face

How do we keep pace with the ever-changing world of information technology and maintain a baseline service that meets the expectations of the campus community? This is a question the Division of Information Technology must ask itself on a regular basis. And it is a question for which the answer constantly changes.

The realization that access to the Internet (Information Highway) is essential to success in the academic community has many people turning to Information Technology for answers. Once a luxury, the computer now is a necessity; we expect it to get us where we want to go.

In today's issue of the I.T.Times we meet the people responsible for reevaluating and reshaping I.T. services so they remain in sync with campus needs and desires. Working directly under Associate Vice Chancellor Carole Barone, these men and women oversee everything from the central e-mail processor to the Apple Repair Service.

Russ Hobby
Director - Advanced Networked and Scientific Applications (ANSA) and Technology Resources

Doug Hartline
Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor and Director, I.T. Planning, Strategy and Administration

Lois Unger
Director, Center for Creative Communication Services

Richard S. Kaye
Director, Communications Resources

Joan Gargano
Director, Distributed Computing Analysis and Support (DCAS)

Lana Moffitt
Director, Information Resources