I.T. Times
Volume 5, No 1 Information Technology News of the University of California, Davis September 1996

Dialing in? Read This

As a campus computer account holder, you have dial-in access to the campus network through the campus modem pool:

UC Davis maintains a pool of 500 modems with 14.4k line rates. Traffic is heavy, and callers frequently encounter busy signals.

Those who desire fewer busy signals, more consistent connectivity, and faster connections should consider contracting for service through a private vendor. Information Technology is negotiating non-exclusive service agreements with the following two companies:

Calweb - Phone: (800) 509-9322 (from Davis area)
(916) 641-9320 (from Sacramento area).
On the Web: http://www.calweb.com
Earthlink - Phone: (800) 395-8410
On the Web: http://www.earthlink.net

Please Note: If you do contract with a private vendor for dial-up access, you will still need to login to a campus system before accessing password-protected resources, such as MELVYL® specialized databases and Usenet Newsgroups.