I.T. Times
Volume 5, No 1 Information Technology News of the University of California, Davis September 1996

Online for Faculty

Reserve a Computer Lab: To reserve a computer lab for classroom use, send e-mail to lab-reserve@ucdavis.edu or call 752-8549. One thing to keep in mind - your favorite computer lab may not be where it used to be. The labs in Hutchison are closed, and they have been replaced by two new labs in Rooms 21 and 27 Olson. If you've been teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities Lab, please note that this facility is now managed by Letters & Science.

Ask for a Faxback: For Recommended Solutions, Quick Tips and other information about using technology on campus call 754-HELP. Follow the prompts, and request the faxback service. The information you need will be delivered directly to your fax machine.

Request a Class List: If e-mail plays into your lesson plans, this new service is for you. This program automatically subscribes registered students to your class mailing list by extracting data from the Student Information System. Call 752-1208 or look on the Web at http://sysweb.ucdavis.edu/faqs/classlist.html.

Order Your Faculty Services Guide: Everything from how to change your password to how to order audio/visual equipment is found in this guide published by Information Technology. To request a copy send e-mail to ietpubs@ucdavis.edu.