I.T. Times
Volume 5, No 1 Information Technology News of the University of California, Davis September 1996

Faculty Can Use the Web to Put Course Materials on Reserve

The UC Davis General Library has developed an Electronic Reserves system that allows faculty to request material for Reserves via the World Wide Web. Faculty may use this system to place information on reserve at both Shields and the Health Sciences Library. Electronic Reserves are located at the following addresses:

Shields: http://lib.ucdavis.edu/reserves/erbr.html

Health Sciences: http://www.lib.ucdavis.edu/hsreserves/hseres/reserves.html

The Electronic Reserve Web sites provide faculty with instructions on how to place material on Reserve and, of course, a submission form. Faculty may request to have their reserve listings directly linked to lecture notes and other non-copyrighted material, so students can access these class materials online.

Inclusion of material in the Electronic Reserve system is strictly voluntary. Access to the course lists is restricted to the UCD campus domain, which means only persons entering through a registered campus machine will be allowed access. This does include off campus access as long as access is through the campus modem pool, or through a "PPP" network connection to the Davis campus.

Students who visit the Web site will find information on policies governing Electronic Reserve use -- including how much they will be charged if material is not returned by the due date -- along with a list of courses with material on Reserve.