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Administrative Information Systems Move From A11

The A11 mainframe, which for years has hosted a number of campus administrative functions, will semi-retire in July and will be permanently decommissioned in February 1998. Functions supported by the A11 have included general ledger, accounts payable, salary-roll cost, equipment inventory, permanent budget, staffing list, and grounds and buildings. Many of these functions will be replaced by DaFIS. [See the chart below for a list of major administrative systems and their replacements.]

In preparation for the A11 decommission, the Information Technology Data Center will contact all account users to find out the length of time they will need accounts and disk files. Users will also have the opportunity to determine the disposition of their A11 tapes. A list of each user's assigned tapes will be included with the letter.

The following is the overall sequence of steps being taken to complete the A11 96/97 fiscal year administrative processes and decommission the A11.

  • All administrative functions and transactions for June 1997 will be completed in early July.

  • Administrative functions of many of the A11 systems will be moved to replacement systems in early July.

  • Fiscal closing processes for A11 administrative systems will be completed in July and August.

  • System clean-up will be performed on the A11 between September 1997 and January 1998. Production accounts will be deactivated, unneeded disk files will be removed, and A11 tapes will be archived or disposed of based on consultation with users.

  • The A11 will be decommissioned on February 28, 1998.

The Data Center and application support staff welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions during the A11 deactivation process. For account deactivation or disk storage needs, contact Kent Fugazi (754-8309; krfugazi@ucdavis.edu); for tape archival and disposal information, contact Carol Mitchell (754-9950; cmitchell@ucdavis.edu); for employee database (EDB) information, contact Linda Honzik (757-8772; ljhonzik@ucdavis.edu); and for questions regarding information system transition, contact Ray Reveles (757-8794; rreveles@ucdavis.edu).

Current SystemReplacement SystemUnit Responsible for Replacement System
General LedgerDaFISAccounting and Financial Services (AFS)
Accounts PayableDaFISAFS
PTRS (Payroll Time Reporting System)OPTRS (UCOP Time Reporting System)AFS Payroll Division
Salary-Cost Roll SystemCommitted Salaries (UCOP System)AFS Payroll Division
Equipment InventoryCAMS (Capital Asset Management System)Material Management Equipment Inventory
Grounds & BuildingsDepartmental Billing SystemFacilities Services
Permanent BudgetDaFIS (Base Budget Adjustment)Planning and Budget
EDB (Employee Database)Payroll/Personnel Data WarehouseAFS Payroll/Human Resources