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It's Time to Get Ready for Our New Area Code!

UC Davis, the City of Davis, and the majority of Yolo County will join 22 other Northern California counties in switching to a new 530 area code. Beginning November 1, both the old 916 and new 530 area codes will be functional. This permissive dialing period is expected to last approximately six months, through late April 1998, when the 530 code is fully implemented.

Now is the time to begin planning for the change by updating your publications, business cards, stationery and other materials on which telephone and fax numbers appear. When the 530 area code is fully implemented, changes also may need to be made to programmable communications equipment, such as fax machines, auto-dialers, telephones, and pogrammed telephone lists.

Grazia Jaroff, Assistant Director of Communications Resources, suggests we think in terms of moving to a new area code with all our communication equipment. Think about pagers and cellular phones, for instance. Dialing those you call regularly now may require a new area code or require that you add yours when leaving your number for call back.

Please note that both Dixon prefixes (678 and 693) will become part of the 707 area code in October.

Because long-distance telephone charges are based on distance rather than area code designations, the price of telephone calls will not be affected by either of these changes.

Questions can be directed to Grazia Jaroff at gjaroff@ucdavis.edu or 752-5940.