Retool Your Course with MyUCDavis
Shown in the table below are just a few of the growing number of course management tools available for you when you log on to MyUCDavis. MyUCDavis also features Web-based email, an electronic calendar and planner system, and much more. To access the tools listed above, click on the "MyClasses" tab. Quick tutorials are provided to help you get started.

Website Builder
  • Make and edit secure course Web sites
  • Add links from your own Web site, other Web pages, PDF files, or Word documents
  • GradeBookSee "An Evolved Gradebook: UC Davis' Interactive Online Grading System Arrives" in this issue.
    Course Communication
  • Establish and monitor chat rooms and newsgroups
  • Set up and manage class mailing lists
  • View and export class rosters
  • Post messages and alerts to course Web sites
  • Course Management Administration
  • Identify proxies (such as TAs) who can access the Course Management Tools for each class (e.g., class rosters, classroom information such as clomputer classrooms and classroom lookup)
  • Add guests who are not enrolled to courses
  • My Contracts and Grants Channel
  • Enables Principal Investigators (PIs) of contracts and grants to administer them
  • Run a real-time query against the DaFIS system and display the contract/grant name, account, and balance for all your contracts and grants
  • View fund balance, sub-account balances, and expenditures
  • MySpace
  • Offers 55 Megabytes of secure space for the storage and sharing of files with staff and your students

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