100 days Technology, media, Nintendo, and teaching. With this special edition of the IT Times, we're focusing on a common thread that weaves these divergent concepts together: instructional technology services and accomplishments at UC Davis.

If you're interested in the changing face of technology in education at UC Davis, there's a lot here to pique your interest. We hope you have as much fun reading the articles and thinking about the possibilities as we had putting this special edition together.

This issue, in contrast to our recent practice, also appears in its entirety in print. Copies are available at various locations around campus (such as the MU Information Desk, the Arbor, and IT Express). If you would like to receive a copy, email us at ietpubs@ucdavis.edu.

Roger Ashton, Guest Editor

Harry Matthews
by Harry Matthews
In this issue we feature the various services of Information and Education Technology's Mediaworks (formerly known as the Instructional Technology and Digital Media Center). Take a look at how Mediaworks professionals can help with instructional materials in the areas of art and photography, video, and multimedia.

Richard Plant
by Richard Plant
A few years ago, the campus developed a coordinating framework designed to identify campuswide technology opportunities and improve productive communication. Plant looks at some current and upcoming projects on campus that address the technology needs and challenges of students, faculty, and staff.

Dr. Liz Applegate
by Autumn Bouck
Long known as an excellent teacher and a recipient of the UC Davis Academic Federation Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1997, Dr. Liz Applegate is always looking for new ways to make her classes more compelling. Lately, she has been working with Mediaworks to create PowerPoint animations that illustrate complex concepts and engage students in new ways.

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