Updating Our Resources

In this issue IT Times looks at the ways the campus is updating some of its technological resources. In the realm of computer security, we're taking steps towards knowledge and usability. The upcoming IT Security Symposium will bring together local and nationally-known computer security experts, even as we are in the midst of determining safer and easier password systems. When campus folks want to update their familiarity with technology, plenty of opportunities present themselves, such as the recent visit from a local expert Web master, or the multitude of free training sessions offered all quarter long. ET Partners continues to grow and perhaps the most sudden technology update was the one mandated by the USA Patriot Act that the campus-and all campuses across the nation-change our information database tracking International students and scholars.


After a locally designed Web site recently gained national attention, technologists here on campus got the chance to meet the man behind the magic.
Web site images courtesy of City of Davis




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