The Year in Technology:
Reflecting Back, Looking Forward
As summer approaches, You're probably either reflecting on the past academic year, or making your to-do list for the coming months. In this IT Times, we are taking the opportunity to do both. Read our feature story on the evolution of educational technology here on campus, thanks in large part to the innovative contributions of Mediaworks, our instructional technology and digital media services unit here at UC Davis. We also reflect on some campus technology statistics with our first ever Year in Numbers, an informative index of facts and figures that tells a story about UC Davis technology events and trends. Reflecting on the ways faculty, staff, and students have been adapting to campus technology reveals a lot about our hardworking campus. Speaking of hard work, read our story about all the specific technology projects and learning opportunities brewing this summer. Find out about how the campus is fighting the latest security threat (email viruses) with new tactics through the summer and into the future. Enjoy your summer and check in with the IET News Page all summer long for technology news updates.

Image from Tower of Youth showcase entry
A claymation digital short movie called Air Pollution Hurts is just one of the many products of local youth who have been given access to digital media education.

  photo of spiral staircase being prepared for new Center for the Fine Arts
The IET Mediaworks Photography group has undertaken a special project to capture the artistic evolution of our campus (as seen here in a photo by Caroline Cardwell of the Mondavi Center building project). Find out how Mediaworks is itself evolving along with the campus.

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