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  • Editor's Note
    During the summer months, IT will be hard at work completing projects and restructuring services that will spell big changes for the campus in the fall. This IT Times is devoted to highlighting these projects and changes. We also help you plan your summer vacation online and provide advice on how to manage your email and voice mail messages during any absence from campus. The next IT Times will be the back-to-school issue in late September. During the summer, you can find the latest IT news on IT's Web site (

  • Travel on the Web illustrationTravel Made Easy on the Web
    This summer, instead of running to the nearest travel agent or scanning the vast volumes of AAA tourbooks, turn to the Web. Booking airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, and campgrounds is a snap on the Web. Best of all, the Web provides notable discounts on everything from plane tickets to European five-star hotels. With this wealth of resources, no one should plan a trip without consulting the Web first.
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    No Lazy Days in Summer for IT
    At this time of year, we may all be looking forward to the lazy days of summer, but summer will be anything but lazy for Information Technology (IT) at UC Davis. This article features some of the highlights of major projects and activities.
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  • Vice Provost Update: Focus on Hiring, Restructuring In Summer
    As part of ongoing efforts to improve faculty services and strengthen campuswide IT policy and planning, the Ofce of the Vice Provost-Information and Educational Technology enters the summer with a focus on two important initiatives: the UC Davis Technology Infrastructure Forum and the Instructional Technology and Digital Media Center.
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  • Student Computer Ownership: A New Statement of Expectation
    In recognition of the increasingly important role of computers in instruction, UC Davis recently adopted a statement of expectation for student computer ownership, effective Fall 2001.
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  • Computing Services Conference Comes to UC Davis
    Hosted at a different UC campus every year since its inception in 1989, the University of California Computing Services Conference (UCCSC) is coming to UC Davis July 23-25. The conference is an opportunity for professionals from all 10 campuses to discuss and report on current UC-related information technology issues.
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  • TSP Awards Computing Conference Scholarships
    The Technology Support Program (TSP) will be awarding four scholarships this year to campus Technical Support Coordinators (TSCs) to cover the cost of registering for the 13th annual University of California Computing Services Conference (UCCSC).
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  • Hands-On Learning at Summer Technology Institute
    Thinking of putting up a course Web page? Or creating some computer slides to enliven a lecture? The technology is here. If you are interested, consider attending the 7th Annual Summer Institute on Technology in Teaching (SITT), on campus from July 17-21. Sponsored by the Teaching Resources Center, SITT is a learning opportunity created for faculty by faculty.
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  • You Asked...About Email
    Answers to three common questions regarding email service at UC Davis.
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  • Reminder: Campus Directory Updates Needed
    Staff and faculty who have recently changed their phone number, job title, department, location, email address, name, or employee ID should send those updates immediately to Directory Services.
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  • IT Times Via Email
    Would you like to receive a concise email notification whenever a new IT Times issue is posted on the Web? Now you can be among the first people on campus to get the latest information technology news, delivered right to your computer.
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  • Computer Lab Renovations Scheduled for Summer
    The summer months are typically a time of change and upgrades to the campus computer rooms, and this summer is no different. Lab Management plans a major renovation of one facility and minor renovations to six facilities. In addition, some software upgrades are scheduled.
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  • Classrooms Receive Facelift This Summer
    Summer is the time for classroom building and renovation on many university campuses. At UC Davis this summer, Olson Hall will receive the lion's share of classroom upgrades, thanks to the Classroom Development Project sponsored by the Office of the Registrar. Classrooms in Olson Hall will be equipped with new carpeting and seating, tabletop podiums, chalkboard units with vertically sliding panels, new paint, and a slick device known as a SmartPanel.
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  • Win2K Recommendations and Seminars
    The Windows 2000 Project Team, comprised of representatives from IT and the campus technical community, is developing a set of recommendations regarding Windows 2000 migration on campus. These recommendations are a result of a five-month analysis of the impact of deploying Windows 2000 in campus departments.
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  • What About "Me"? Windows Millenium Operating System
    With the release of the business-focused Windows 2000 operating system in February, Microsoft promised a new Windows operating system aimed at home computer users -- Windows "Me" (short for Millennium Edition) -- originally slated for release in May 2000. However, a recent detailed search of Microsoft's Web site turned up not a single mention of Windows Me, and developers and industry analysts are now pointing to fall 2000 as the earliest possible release date for the new software.
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  • IT Progress Report Now Available
    Since the Division of Information Technology's (IT) Five-Year Administrative Unit Review (AUR) was completed in April 1999, IT has made a great deal of progress in response to the report's 43 recommendations. The first annual Progress Report is now available online at
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  • Bovine Online v.5
    Bessie, the quintessential online cow, will be releasing the fifth version of her software CD, Bovine Online v.5, in early September at the UC Davis Bookstore. This year, the Internet software package developed for UC Davis affiliates includes newer versions of Netscape and Eudora, as well as compression, telnet, ftp, and anti-virus software.
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  • MyUCDavis Fact Sheet
    MyUCDavis is an ongoing project to provide Web portal services to UC Davis students and faculty. This is a PDF file with information about the project.
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