Volume 6, No 3 Information Technology News of the University of California, Davis November 1997

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At Home on the Web

Editor's Note: "At Home on the Web" is a regular feature of the I.T. Times. If you have a Web site you would like featured in the column, send e-mail to ietpubs@ucdavis.edu.

At Home on the Web Index

Center for Spatial Technologies & Remote Sensing


This interdisciplinary research unit has a broad range of interests; these include remote sensing imagery, applications of geographic information systems (GIS), and landscape modeling of vegetation, hydrology, and climatology. Find out about the people involved in these research areas and explore their impressive array of projects.

The Inquiry Zone


The Inquiry Zone is envisioned as an outreach venture, with the aim of informing both the campus and the broader regional community (with emphasis on K-12 education) about the "frontiers of knowledge." The site hosts an extensive listing of regional "informal science education resources"-parks, museums, zoos, centers, and more.

Public Service Research Program


The Public Service Research Program (PSRP) "promotes and supports research and education on issues of public concern" (from the program's mission statement). Among its many activities, the PSRP collaborates with state and federal agencies on resource management, participates in such initiatives as the Sustainable Communities Consortium, and hosts conferences, seminars, and guest speakers. (A schedule is available.)

UC IT Organizations and Planning Groups


Interested in finding out more about information technology projects and planning at the UC Office of the President (UCOP) and other campuses? From this page, presented by UCOP's Information Resources and Communications, you have easy access not only to the IT organizations on all UC campuses, but also to University-wide policies and planning documents.

Architects & Engineers


With primary responsibility for designing campus infrastructure, Architects & Engineers have the greatest influence on the look of our campus. Here you can find all about their current and planned projects, and view the extensive Campus Standards and Design Guide.