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Volume 6, No 3 Information Technology News of the University of California, Davis November 1997

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Project Management Center

The Project Management Center, which operates on a recharge basis, manages technical projects ranging from office moves to wide area network implementation. The team can assist you with any aspect of project planning, from budget development, scope refinement, resource estimation, requirements gathering and RFQ development, to project implementation. Members of the Project Management Center have contributed to a number of significant on-campus projects, such as the Banner software development project, the migration to GUI Banner, DaFIS technology assessment, DaFIS acceptance and stress tests, and Network 21.

The team's broad background in technology includes software design and development, desktop and LAN support, system administration, database administration, and backbone network technology. Experienced and resourceful, project managers will leverage the specialized technical expertise and resources, both within and outside IT, to ensure the successful completion of your project.

Contact Person: Debbie Lauriano
Phone: 757-8767
E-mail: dalauriano@ucdavis.edu
Web: http://ir.ucdavis.edu/pmc/