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Y2K Tiger Teams Spring Into Action
Although most agree the Year 2000 (Y2K) Problem is not going to be the end of civilization as we know it, UC Davis is preparing for Y2K as it would for any other potential emergency, as defined in the Campus Emergency Policy (UCD Policy & Procedure Manual, Section 290-05) and the campus emergency management program ( howto/index.html).
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  Y2K Tiger Teams

  • Y2K: Get Ready for the Main Event
    As UC Davis departments and offices are preparing to close for the holidays, computer users, network administrators, and managers should take the following steps to ready the computing and power requirements of their departments.
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  • Year 2000 Help
    Do you want to know more about the Year 2000 Problem or how to alleviate its impact? Help is just a phone call away.
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  • Y2K "Bits and Bytes"
    UC Davis has prepared well for the Year 2000 Problem. In fact, 99% of UC Davis' mission-critical systems are Y2K compliant.
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  • 1999-2000 Directory Published
    Copies of the 1999-2000 campus directory are here. Published annually by IT-Communications Resources' Directory Services unit, the directory includes phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses for campus and UC Davis Medical Center staff and faculty.
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  • Additional Modems Planned for Faculty and Staff
    Even after this summer's modem upgrades and modem pool reconfigurations, staff and faculty are encountering busy signals when dialing in to the campus modem pools. In response, on November 18, the Information Technology Policy Board authorized the addition of 184 56K modems (half allocated to staff and half to faculty) by the end of January 2000.
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  • IT's Holiday Business Hours
    During the holiday season, the Division of Information Technology will provide its services on a slightly modified schedule. For a comprehensive holiday schedule of services, facilities, and departmental offices, see
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  • Leaving for the Holidays? Set Up Vacation Email and Voice Mail Messages
    If you plan to be away from the office for the holidays, an important item on your checklist should be the management of electronic and phone messages during your vacation. This can prevent a backlog of email or voice mail messages, particularly if you subscribe to email lists with heavy traffic or if you are a list owner.
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  • Safe Surfing for Holiday Bargains
    Your little niece is obsessed with computer games. You know that her heart is set on a Pokémon game, and so, this holiday season, you decide to buy it for her. Now comes the tricky part: where are you going to get it?
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  • Online Shopping Sites
    With thousands of merchants vying for our dollars, it is difficult to know where to start and who to trust on the Web. It can be hard to adequately judge the reliability and reputation of those merchants. Fortunately, the Federal Trade Commission has developed a Web site dedicated to safe online shopping.
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  • Last updated: December 10, 1999