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IT Announces New Instructional Technology & Digital Media Center
In its ongoing effort to meet the needs of faculty, the Office of the Vice Provost-Information and Educational Technology has announced the creation of a new Instructional Technology & Digital Media Center. The Center, planned to be operational by Fall 2000, will provide a cohesive, service-oriented entry point for faculty to a broad range of technology and digital media services.
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  • Editor's Note
    In this issue, we are pleased to introduce a new format, combining print and Web publishing.
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  • More Options for Mobile Computer Users
    The projects made possible through the allocation of one-time Instructional Technology Funds (ITF) have progressed significantly in the past several months, according to a report given to the Academic Computing Coordinating Council (AC4) by Kent Kuo, ITF Project Coordinator and Associate Director, IT-Communications Resources. Some of these projects are completed and nearly all of the others are on schedule for Fall 2000 implementation.
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  • "MyUCDavis": A New Window on the Aggie World
    For faculty and students, the workday is governed by course schedules and the constant quest for information. We maneuver through a maze of commitments with the aid of many "tools": planners, scheduling software, Web sites, email, and administrative computing systems, like Banner and DaFIS.
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  • Web Portals Explained
    Every time we surf the Net, our browser (most commonly Netscape or Explorer) serves as our gateway to a seemingly infinite number of Web sites. But Web portals take the "gateway" concept beyond the browser (basically a search engine and a generic list of hyperlinks and bookmarks) and to a customizable, user-specific interface to the Web.
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  • Computer Room Usage Continues To Rise
    Recently released statistics for Fall Quarter 1999 reveal students' reliance on campus computer rooms continues to rise at UC Davis, with a 9 percent increase in logins and near 100 percent utilization of most facilities during the day.
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  • IT Tackles Shortage of Technical Staff
    The demand for highly skilled technical personnel has never been higher, both in the corporate world and in higher education. UC Davis is no exception. Over the years, the campus has grown increasingly reliant on technology, calling on IT services to meet the needs of instructional technology, business, application development, and general computing.
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  • eGems: A New Tool for the Internet Researcher
    All of us in an academic community are fortunate to have access to dozens, if not hundreds, of relevant, helpful, and substantive Web resources on any academic subject. As the amount of the data in the world reputedly doubles every year, and as the number of academic Web pages continues to grow exponentially, many of us feel comfortable starting research projects with a click to a favorite search engine before--and sometimes, rather than--hiking over to the library.
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  • Windows 2000 Update
    The Division of Information Technology (IT) and computer industries are certainly consistent in their messages about Windows 2000, Microsoft's new operating system for business. Gartner Group, ZDNet, CNET (all leading information technology advisors), and even Microsoft are all flooding the wire with the same message: "Wait."
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  • UC Davis Wireless Data Service
    Mobile computer users throughout the country routinely use Palm® devices for email and scheduling. Police officers use laptops and other specialized devices to transmit and retrieve information instantly. Researchers access live Web pages while on trains. How? Through wireless Internet access. This service (a.k.a. Wireless IP or Wireless Mobile Data) is now available to UC Davis affiliates along with other voice and data services offered through IT-Communications Resources.
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  • Do You Really Need That?
    A common observation: if you buy a new piece of computer hardware today, it will be obsolete by tomorrow and the newer piece will most likely cost less. Another observation: most software does not fully utilize the features of today's hardware.
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  • Online Student Elections Pick Up Steam
    On February 22 and 23, the Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD) held their second online elections. At, students reviewed candidates' statements and cast their votes electronically.
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  • IT Employee Gets UC to Recognize Veterans Day
    Brigitte Moon, Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force Reserve and office manager in the Client Services unit of IT-Information Resources, effected major change in the nine UC campuses recently when she led an initiative that convinced the Regents to recognize Veterans Day as a University holiday.
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  • Transitions
    Two IT managers move into new responsibilities.
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  • Last updated: March 14, 2000