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IT Revamps Divisional Web Site: Workgroup Addresses Administrative Unit Review Recommendations
The Division of Information Technology (IT) has a new Web site. To be launched on November 29, IT's new divisional Web pages will provide intuitive, user-centered navigation and content.
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"Distributed Learning": LEADing the Campus into the Future
Linda MorrisOf all the challenges UC Davis faces in the next decade, first and foremost is the need to accommodate a diverse and ever-growing student population. How can the campus meet the physical and academic demands that lie ahead?
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  • Bits and Bytes: Short News Items
    Long Distance Rates Reduced; IT on the Move; Connecting You to the World.
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  • Campus Wrapping Up Y2K Preparedness
    We've all heard about it. Some of us have even worried about it. The dreaded Year 2000 (Y2K) Problem. Regardless of how well-versed we are in this subject, we should all be aware of UC Davis' Y2K preparedness, for -- like it or not -- Y2K glitches could affect each and every one of us.
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  • Tiger Team Wants You!
    UC Davis has done a good job of preparing for the Year 2000 Problem, but there is still much work to be done.
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  • Degree Navigator: Registrar and IT Create Powerful New Tool for Students
    In the race to complete a degree, students would love the ability to spend more time thinking about the quality of their courses rather than counting the number of units needed to graduate.
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  • Making the Web Accessible to All
    Putting the user first was the foremost goal of Information Technology's initiative to revamp its Web sites to provide better service to all users, including those with cognitive or physical disabilities.
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  • Measuring the Effectiveness of IT's Communications
    In 1995, the Communication and Outreach Implementation Committee for the Information Technology Outreach Program (ITOP) was charged with developing a communication plan to inform the campus about services and programs provided by the Division of Information Technology (IT).
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  • Modem Pool Users Getting Busy Signals
    Since new permits were enforced on October 15, users have been experiencing busy signals when dialing in to the campus modem pools during peak times. To increase your chances of connecting to the modem pool, try to dial in during non-peak times.
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  • Preparing for Y2K at Home
    Contrary to the surge of survivalist literature and media hype that forecasts the downfall of civilization, most Californians will wake up on Saturday, January 1, 2000, and likely will notice only minor glitches. Does this mean that you should do nothing to prepare? Well, no.
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  • Tapping Internet 2's Potential
    Do you regularly exchange large amounts of data with colleagues? Do you wish you could do lab work from a remote location? Would you like to tell Fed Ex and your travel agent, "thanks, but no thanks"? Well, if you are connected to UC Davis, you can because you no longer have to rely on the Internet as we know it.
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  • Main Computer Networks Accessible to UC Davis Users
    UC Davis Networks; Regional Networks; National Networks.
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  • Windows 2000: A Review
    After several false starts, Microsoft has set the release date of Windows 2000 to February 17. Windows 2000 is the latest release of Microsoft's Windows NT operating system, aimed at servers and desktop machines in a business environment.
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  • Evaluating the Deployment of New Technology
    Survey the current environment, evaluate the new technology, make the decision.
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  • Last updated: November 23, 1999