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Instructional Technology at UC Davis: Embracing Challenges and Opportunities

Windows 2000: W2K Replaces Y2K as Campus Issue

Where Are We Going? The (Near) Future of Information Technology

Where Have We Been? UC Davis Information Technology Statistics

How a Sandbox and a Computer May Supercharge Social Science

Not with a Bang, but a Whimper: Y2K Came and Went

UC Davis Faculty on Technology

UC Davis Technology Highlights, 1972-1999

More Modems Save the Day

Volume 8, Number 4
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UC Davis Technology Highlights

Editor's Note: The following timeline demonstrates the accelerating pace of technological changes over the past three decades. Items in red boldface are highlights from UC Davis; the entries in black are general technology milestones. You can also see this timeline in graphic format as a PDF file.

1972   -The compact disk is invented.
-Apple Computer is formed.
-Apple II, the first personal computer with color graphics, debuts.
-The 5.25-inch floppy disk is the industry standard.
1979 -The Apple II Plus is introduced.
-Intel introduces the 8088, at 5MHz.
-The Student Information System (SIS) debuts at UC Davis.
1980 -Registration Module is added to the UC Davis SIS.
1981 -Microsoft ships MS-DOS.
-IBM debuts 8088-based Personal Computer.
-The Financial Aid Module is added to the SIS.
-BITNET, one of the first wide-area networks, is founded to serve academic institutions.
1982 -Intel introduces the 286, at 8 MHz.
-Compaq releases portable computer to consumers ( it weighs 30 lbs!).
-Peter Norton creates Norton Utilities, a file recovery program.
-WordPerfect 1.0, a word processing program, is introduced.
1983 -The PC is Time magazine's "man of the year."
-The Apple IIe is introduced.
-Microsoft Word 1.0 is released.
1984 -Apple debuts the first Macintosh, a computer with a graphical user interface.
-The 3.5-inch diskette debuts.
-Dell computer is founded.
1985 -Intel Introduces the 386, at 16 MHz.
-Gateway 2000 is founded.
1987 -Hayes demonstrates its modem for ISDN lines.
1988 -First large- scale virus released accidently by Robert Morris Jr. (Internet Worm).
-17 buildings are connected to UCDNet.
1989 -Intel introduces the 486, at 25 MHz.
1990 -Tim Berners-Lee develops the HTTP Protocol and HTML, leading to the development of the World Wide Web.
-9.6 Kbps modem is released.
-Windows 3.0 is released. It uses a graphical user interface.
-The first commercial Internet dial-up access (The World) comes online.
1991 -Dr. Carole Barone is appointed Associate Vice Chancellor-Information Technology.
-Gopher, a tool that helps locate information on the Internet, is developed.
1992 -The World Wide web is launched as a research tool.
-Windows 3.1 is introduced.
-Banner Student Information System debuts.
-Kodak introduces the photo CD.
-The UC Davis Division of Information Technology is created.
-The UC Davis Modem Pool has 372 modems; most provide 14.4 Kbps service.
1993 -Financial Aid Module is added to the Banner SIS.
-Intel introduces the 60 MHz Pentium processor.
-UC Davis RSVP (Phone registration system) is implemented.
-Mosaic, the first graphical Web browser, is launched by NCSA.
-Microsoft Office 4.0, Windows NT, and MS-DOS 6.0 are released.
1994 -IT-CAP relocates to Shields Library.
-Netscape and Yahoo! search engines are created.
-28.8Kbps modems are released.
-Apple introduces the PowerMac.
1995 -UC Davis Technology Support Program (TSC/TSP) debuts.
-Network 21 construction begins; 72 campus buildings are connected to UCDNet.
-IT-CAP becomes IT Express.
-33.6 Kbps modems are released.
-Windows 95 and Microsoft Office 95 are released.
-Intel introduces the Pentium Pro, at 150 MHz.
1996 -Intel releases the 200MHz Pentium II processors.
-SUN debuts Java.
-UC Davis joins Internet 2.
-56 Kbps modems are released.
-WebTV is introduced.
1997 -UC Davis Graduate Admissions begins accepting applications on the Web.
-UC Davis Financial Information System (DaFIS) is implemented.
-UC Davis Melvyl on the Web debuts.
-Provost's Commission on the Future of Information Technology (PCFIT) is established.
-ResNet is completed.
-GUI Banner is deployed.
-Apple introduces the G3 chip, at 233 MHz.
-Digital Video Discs (DVDs) go on sale.
-Microsoft Office 97 is released.
1998 -UC Davis Data Center gets new home.
-Apple introduces the iMac.
-Network 21 is completed; 300 campus buildings are connected to UCDNet.
-UC Davis Faculty Modem Pool is upgraded to 56K V.90.
-IT Governance Structure (AC4, AdC3, ITPB) is formed.
-Windows 98 is released.
-Pentium II hits 450 MHz.
1999 -UC Davis SIS Web Registration for students goes live.
-Intel introduces the Pentium III Coppermine, at 733 MHz.
-IT 5-year Administrative Unit Review (AUR) Report is released (April).
-IT Response to AUR Report is released (July).
-All Campus Modem Pools are upgraded to 56K V.90.
-Dr. John Bruno is appointed Vice Provost-Information and Educational Technology.
-Coppermine hits 800 MHz.
-Apple Computer releases the G4 chip, at 400MHz.