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Web Site Highlights Campuswide Role: Technology Policy & Planning Function Unveiled
There's a new strand in the UC Davis Web. On May 1, the Office of the Vice Provost--Information and Educational Technology unveiled its new Web site. Located at, this site is part of a broader effort to inform campus administrators, faculty, staff, and students about the Office's structure and functions.
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Stephen King illustrationBiting the Bullet on the World Wide Web
No lover of e-books, Paul Takushi (fiction buyer for the UC Davis Bookstore) delved into an assignment to review Stephen King's new Web-exclusive book, Riding the Bullet. Travel along with Paul on his nightmarish journey to download this landmark novel and to impart his well-read opinion of it as a work of fiction. Paul's journey through the land of Web sites and PDF files may be more frightening than King's tale itself.
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  • Move Over, Godzilla: Mothra Web Site Revamp
    A recent overhaul of the UC Davis computing account management Web site has made for a much improved user experience and includes several new features designed to provide quicker access to computer account information for the campus community.
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  • Windows 2000 Update: Results of Professional Tests
    As the Windows 2000 Project Team and Technology Support Coordinators continue to test and discuss Windows 2000 Professional (Win2k Pro) and Server (Win2k Server), they are making discoveries that may be of interest to the campus at large. The most useful information surrounds the Win2k Pro operating system, the operating system which most departments running Windows 95, 98, or NT will eventually run on their systems.
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  • New Open-Access Lab in Surge IV
    As the number of students using campus computer labs continues to soar, some relief is in sight. This winter, the Lab Management team converted a small computer room into an open-access lab in 307B Surge IV, adding more computers to meet increasing computer usage demands and increasing the number of open-access labs to four.
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  • Faster Connectivity at Home? Could Be
    Many of us have the luxury of high-speed Internet connections at the workplace, only to arrive home and deal with dial-in modem connection speeds that top out at 56 kilobits per second (kbps). The contrast between work and home is frustrating, to say the least. So, you may be thinking about trading in your standard dial-in modem and trying one of the new broadband Internet services, such as wireless or DSL.
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  • Linux: Alternative to Windows?
    Whether you're using a Mac, PC (IBM-compatible), UNIX workstation, or a network of servers, you rely on at least one operating system (OS) to run your software. For example, Macs run on MacOS, Apple's proprietary operating system and most PCs run on a combination of Microsoft Windows and DOS. Well, make way for Linux, an OS that is gaining market share and support around the world, particularly in IT organizations and universities.
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  • IT Staff in the News
    Short news items about IT staff and some of their doings.
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  • LEAD Report Released
    Only a few years ago, the synergy of information technology and instruction seemed a wave on the distant horizon. Today, that wave is breaking on our shores. At UC Davis, the Academic Computing Coordinating Council (AC4) sponsored a project called LEAD (Learning Environment Architecture Development), begun last year to identify the instructional technology needs of faculty and students at UC Davis. Read a summary of the project's final report and recommendations.
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  • TAPS Goes Online: Selling Parking Permits via the Web
    Anyone who uses the Internet regularly knows how easy it is to purchase everything online from airline tickets to zoo admissions. Now UC Davis Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) is offering e-commerce convenience to students, faculty, and staff. In early April, TAPS began offering UC Davis affiliates the ability to purchase a limited range of parking permits with their credit cards on the Web.
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  • Virtual History: Web Site for Teachers
    Early on a Friday morning, two junior high history teachers wandered the dark and quiet corridors of Kerr Hall on our campus. Their destination: the Roland Marchand Resource Library, a small but amazing room full of resources for K-12 history teachers--lesson plans, slides, videos, books, maps, and much more.
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  • Do I Really Need This? Software Advice for PC-ers
    It is amazing how often PC software companies create new versions of our favorite programs. As a result, we are often faced with some pretty difficult decisions: which upgrades to purchase and which to ignore? However, if we ask the right questions first, we can make the best decisions for ourselves or those we support.
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  • When 348 Open Files Are Not Enough
    You've been typing for hours, and now it is time to save that masterpiece. But before you can call it a day, your computer serves up some bad news: "Word cannot save your document because of an error. Either the disk is full or you're out of memory. You should try closing some windows or quitting some applications and try again."
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  • Letters to the Editor
    Some people wrote to the IT Times editor this month. You can, too!
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