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Volume 4, No 8 Information Technology News of the University of California, Davis May 1996

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May 1996
Table of Contents
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At Home on the Web
Automating Class Mailing List Administration
Berkeley Will Continue to Provide Faculty with Free Access to Modem Service
Client Notification Moves to the Web
Daughters (and Sons) Go to Work on the Web
Hutchison Labs Relocating to Olson
IT Express - The Improvements in the Works
Keeping Up With Change - I.T. Modifies Services to Meet Campus Needs
Melvyl ® Provides New Access to IEEE Journals
Modem Users Will Have New Options
Moving Forward with Net 21
New E-Mail Servers to Distribute Load and Reliability
Odyssey - Schedule of Events
Planning for Secure Transactions
Switch Upgrade Opens Door to Enhanced Communication
The Future Begins Here (Odyssey)
Update at Noon
VSL Members Can Access New Software on CD-ROM Jukebox
Whois++ Adds Link