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Volume 7, Number 8
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Bessie Turns 4
Bovine Online 4.0 Heads into the Moollenium

by Jemmy Shi

Bovine Online moved to Version 4.0 this Fall, touting many of its familiar applications along with some new ones. The integrated Internet package, put together by Information Technology, includes a collection of the latest version of popular Internet applications that lets students, staff, and faculty create Davis computing accounts, browse the Web, send and receive email, and perform other Internet and network tasks.

Bovine Online facilitates network and account set-ups by providing popular Internet applications on a CD, saving users time otherwise spent downloading. The package includes a step-by-step installation process that configures those programs for UC Davis-specific settings. Especially useful to anyone new to the campus is the ability to create a computing account over a modem connection and account configuration tools for help with email settings. Bovine Online also includes a comprehensive manual, plus a quick-start guide for more advanced users.

photo of a student purchasing a copy of Bovine Online version 4.0

Version 4.0 simplifies off-campus network access by including automated instructions on dialing in to the new campus modem pools. Dan Rackerby, a consultant with IT Express who worked on quality assurance for Version 4.0, says, "Last year, a lot of people called IT Express with problems connecting to the modem pools. This version fixes that problem."

The applications in Version 4.0 are similar to last year's, with updated versions of Web browser Netscape Navigator 4.6.1; email client Eudora Pro 4.2x; telnet applications WinCRT 2.4 for Windows 95/98 and Better Telnet 2.0fc1 for the Macintosh; and Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0.

However, previous users of Bovine Online will notice some changes in Version 4.0. Most significant among them is the inclusion of Norton AntiVirus, which replaces Dr. Solomon's Antivirus. Having negotiated a site license with Symantec, the manufacturer of the popular Norton product, Information Technology now includes Norton AntiVirus with Bovine Online without increasing the cost of the suite. Norton AntiVirus features real-time and on-demand protection from new viruses, including those in macros and email attachments. In addition, Norton AntiVirus includes LiveUpdate, a utility that automatically updates Norton's library of known viruses so it can better defend against them.

Another change is the absence of PowerZip, a Windows program that handles compressed files. StuffIt Expander is the only compression tool in Bovine Online but provides all of the same functions that PowerZip did. Says IT Express Coordinator Beau Patrette, "We prefer the usability of StuffIt Expander, as it provides more consistent operation, requires less user input, and can handle more formats than PowerZip."

All of this comes on a single CD for both Mac and PC users. Bovine Online 4.0 sells at the Bookstore Computer Shop and Quick Copy Services for $14.99 (+ tax), a $5 decrease from last year's edition. Users of previous versions can also purchase Version 4.0 without having to reconfigure their settings. An addendum to the Bovine Online manual has recently been introduced. For updates, visit