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Goodbye 14.4K, Hello 56K: UC Davis Updates Modem Pools
Remote access for UC Davis students, faculty, and staff is both simpler and faster. The aging 14.4K Express Modem Pool was retired on August 27, and three faster, Year 2000-compliant modem pools are now available for campus use.
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New Vice Provost Looks to the Future
John BrunoJohn Bruno, the long-awaited new Vice Provost for Information and Educational Technology, has arrived at UC Davis, beginning his new position on September 1.
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  • Backup Internet Link Installed
    This July UC Davis lost connectivity to the Internet due to a power outage at the UC Berkeley campus. This incident brought attention to UC Davis's dependence on UC Berkeley for Internet connectivity and to the lack of a backup Internet link for UC Davis.
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  • Bessie Turns 4: Bovine Online 4.0 Heads into the Moollenium
    Bovine Online moved to Version 4.0 this Fall, touting many of its familiar applications along with some new ones.
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  • Computer Security Incidents: Project Team Starts Gathering Statistics
    The chart below provides a snapshot of the computer and network security incidents that were reported on campus in the months of July and August.
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  • Digital Millenium Copyright Act
    "Anastasia" downloads songs from her favorite CDs to her Web site so her fellow fans can share in the pleasure without having to shell out $17. ... In a chatroom, "Bertrand" writes, "Come to my page and you'll find a link to The Phantom Menace." ...
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  • The Great SITT Effect: Instructors Apply New Technology Skills
    Dr. Andy Jones' students have a problem. As part of their English 45 class, they are required to conduct extensive research on a poet of their choice for an upcoming term paper.
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  • IT Managers on the Move
    "Still home, just moving residences." This is the message Kent Kuo, former Assistant Director of Information Resources (IR), wrote to the IR staff when he accepted the Associate Director position in Communications Resources (CR) on September 1.
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  • The Move Continues: PSL Becomes 3820 Chiles Road
    The former Pacific Standard Life (PSL) building, located at 3820 Chiles Road, has been the site of much activity in the past few months, as various units of Information Technology continue to move to the new facility from the UC Davis campus.
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  • New IT Publication for Students
    Fall Quarter 1999 heralds the creation of a new and valuable student-focused publication: the 1999-2000 Student Computing Guide. A summary of campus computing services and resources created especially for students, the Student Computing Guide is a comprehensive look at the world of computing at UC Davis.
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  • New Software Retailer Debuts this Fall
    The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) and the University of California at Davis announced a new outside software reseller on October 1, 1999.
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  • New UCD Email Policy: Balancing Individual and Business Needs
    The University of California Electronic Mail Policy ("UC Email Policy") was issued on March 23, 1998. Section IX of that policy mandates that each campus develop, maintain, and publish its own specific procedures and practices to implement the policy. On September 24, the UC Davis implementation of the UC Email Policy was officially completed.
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  • Olson's Blue Period
    The new favorite color of the Olson basement must be blueberry. Blueberry, that is, from the plastic cases of the iMac Apple computers that adorn the recently renovated computer classroom 21 Olson, as well as the new computer facility, 1 Olson.
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  • Last updated: October 20, 1999