I.T. Times
Volume 2. No 1 Information Technology News of the University of California, Davis October 1993

October 1993
Table of Contents
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BANNER System Update
BITNET Decision Will Net Big Savings
Book Review: Managing Transitions
Computer Fest '93 to Be Held October 28-30
Computer Thieves Raiding West Coast Universities
The Copyright Quiz
Correct Domain Nameserver Setting for MacTCP
CWIS Administrator Appointed
Going to the Library Online
Hard News Supplement to I.T. Times Available Online
Highlights of Recent Progress on the Network 21 Project
Information Goes Beyond the Book
Inside I.T.: October 1993
I.T. Presents Annual Report on October 29
I.T. Secures Enhanced Technical Support through Vendor Programs
Kids Compute on Campus
Masterworks: An Interactive Guide to Music
Med Students Manipulate Molecules on Screen
MoBy: A Study Aid for Medical Students
Music Students Score High With Computer
New Ordering Procedures for 16mm Films and Off-campus Media
Opening a Free Computer Account at UC Davis
Satan Bug Virus Threatens DOS Computers
Scenarios for the Coming Ubiquity of High- Speed Networking
Sports Information Office Uses Computers to Stay Ahead of the Game
Summary of Services Offered at I.T. Technology Resources
Times Too: October 1993
Unacceptable Uses of Campus Systems and Network
University Librarian Looks at How Information Will Stack Up
Working with Presentation Software