I.T. Times
Volume 2. No 3 Information Technology News of the University of California, Davis Spring 1994

Spring 1994
Table of Contents
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Academic Training in Arc/Info and Other GIS Programs
Advanced E-communication Course Debuts in Spring 1994
Apple Managers Group Formed
Banner Days for Banner
Bringing the Campus Up to Speed
Campus GIS Training: Administrative and Academic Units Collaborate
Computers Create New Opportunities for Physically Disabled
Computer Consultant's Association Going Strong
Discussion List Serves Disabled
Electronic Mail Crisis Has Passed
E-mail Listservs Provide Up-to-Date Vendor Information
E-mail Surge Related to New Accounts
Faculty Put the Network to Work
The Evolution of the Network
First Year Use of Financial Aid System
How to Get Where You Want to Go and How to Do What You Want to Do
Information through Online Newsletters
Inside I.T.
ITAAC Discusses Mentoring as One Solution for Faculty Info Tech Training
The IT Connection: EBS/HYD 198
IT Responds to the Spiraling Increase in E-mail Communications
ISDN One Potential Solution for the Davis Community Network
JOG Met in Davis in May
Jury Decision Affects MS DOS 6.0 Users
Meeting the Needs of a Growing IT Client Population
Microsoft Select under Review by UCOP and UC Campuses
Networking Terminology Infrastructure
New Dialing Procedures Coming June 1994
Online Forum for Higher Education Issues
Preparing for Network 21 through Electronic Communications Training
Quick Tips Now at Reserve Desk and Classical Notes
Students Put Computer Skills to Work
Teaching With the Internet: What There Is and What There Might Be
Training Tapes and Computer Tutorials at UCD Bookstore
TULIP Project Blossoms